Do you want to get to know and express yourself? ALL of yourself. Masculine. AND. Feminine. Not just the parts the world gives you permission to be. Or the parts you think others will like.

Masculinity is like English speaking. It is expected you speak it even if it’s not your first language. Becoming aware of the masculine and feminine qualities that exist in every one of us is important to finding balance and expressing all of ourselves consciously, authentically and healthily. It is often the case that we are suppressing parts of us without even realizing it and this can lead to illness, unhappiness and even violence.

I would love to support you. Please reach out if you feel compelled to. We can have a safe and intimate chat. I will be glad to listen and witness you. Sometimes this can be the spark to start your own journey towards positive change and moving something that has felt immovable and heavy. Instead of feeling “stuck in the mud” you may feel your feet lift from the ground!

I hope with your participation we can begin to normalise intimate conversations so that the topics lose their power over us. If we don’t talk about them, we bury them deeply within us and carry their weight with us. Talking about them is the first step towards letting them go and setting ourselves and each other free.