“It is rare to meet a person who is as pure and holy-like as you shine out. Your light is so bright, and you have the gift of truly impacting people with your wisdom, and I am very amazed by your story as well.”

Martine SendingThe Happiness Company, Denmark

“Bodhi has a very unique gift in how he made me feel my soul and touch my heart through his loving yoga.

Well needed masculine instructur in touch with his heart! Clear and warm instructions that really made me connect with my body feeling expanded, touched and open! Inward-out kind of! Instead of just physical instructions for stretching muscles.

Thank you Bodhi for being so authentic in how you teach! Your yoga makes the world a better place!”

Fredrik SwahnSwedish artist and workshop leader

“We had such a great day practicing in NYC, but your class was by far my favorite practice. From the moment we met you on our way in, we felt so welcomed and appreciated. In my own practice of yoga, I have seen so many get involved in the physical practice of yoga, but miss that the real practice of yoga is a way of life. You embody that true definition of yoga. Your class reflected that devotion to this practice. You masterfully blended the philosophy with the physical practice. Your adjustments helped me deepen into poses in ways I had not before. I am so grateful that our day included a class with you. I felt spiritually uplifted & energized. When we open our yoga school in Detroit, we would love to invite you to teach.”

Tiffany MackYoga teacher, USA

“Attending the "Retreat Yourself" weekend was an opportunity for me to really explore an array of yoga styles and practices. One that stood out the most was the Tantric workshop with John & Amy.

I had always had a preconception on what Tantra was, and this workshop completely flipped my views. Allowed me a moment in time to connect with myself, love myself and planted the seeds to growing a new relationship with myself - in a nourishing and loving way.

Since the workshop, I have been more curious and have explored the knowledge of the tantric way. John and Amy held the space in such a beautiful way, that it allowed me, being so unfamiliar, to feel so comfortable. I cant wait to join the next one.”

Kerri-Lee TaylorSouth Africa

“Bodhi truly embodies the meaning of his name and transmutes it through the work that he shares with everyone he encounters. Bodhi in sanskrit means ‘awakening / enlightenment’. Since I met Bodhi I experienced the essence of his spirit and in his presence felt held and inspired so that I could awaken more into my own journey.

I was blessed to work and co-create a tantra workshop with him where he held himself and myself in deep presence, love and honoring. It is a gift to meet and Co-Create with someone like Bodhi. His curiosity for life has, as a friend on the outside, allowed him to step into himself. And through this, inspire others to step into who they truly are. I look forward to co-creating alongside him again and seeing his journey unfold.”

Amy May RouxOmni Yoni, South Africa

“Sometimes you just know when you're meant to connect with a person. It was like that with Bodhi. There's something deep and alluring about him. He radiates a lightness and ease that can only be equated with love. After reading Butterfly Man, Bodhi's book, I understood his journey even more. It's rare to find someone who so cleanly and elegantly bares his soul for the benefit of others. It takes courage to tell your truth and It's only when we can be vulnerable in our own sharing that we free others to be the same.

If it's the Truth that sets us free....then Bodhi is a Master. Work with him. Learn through him. You'll find courage too. You'll find your freedom!”

Karen Kahlimna BradleyIntuitive Reader & Healer, Australia

“John's commitment to his personal journey has shone through our meaningful conversations, illuminating the pathway for other men to explore their masculinity. His courage to leap into the unknown combined with his gentle compassion enable him to guide others on their journey to repair their relationships with themselves. As he has delved deeply into his own pain, he is able to walk beside you as you rediscover your own emotions and unearth the strength to connect authentically with yourself and the world around you.”

Jenna-Lee StrugnellTales of Turning, South Africa

“Thank you for your radiant being and for spreading your honesty and love, sweet Bodhi, you touched my soul.

Thank you for being wild and brave.”

Eline MonserezBelgium

“I was very lucky to get Bodhi as one the main-stage speakers for SUCCESSNESS Fest 2017 and we flew him to Cape Town from Berlin where he was teaching jivamukti yoga. The emphasis at the 2017 Fest was to focus on helping men and women, who may be stuck in some area of their life, to get unstuck. His uplifting and powerful session was nothing short of life-changing for many of the 250 delegates. Using his typical blend of humour, vulnerability and live antics he drew everyone in as he shared his life story and the lessons he had learned about the transformative power of listening to our body, of letting go, of breathing, of being earthed and grounded and the ultimate freedom and joy he had found in living lightly. The crowd laughed, they cried, they sang chants together. It was incredible.”

Steve CraggFounder SUCCESSNESS Fest, South Africa

“Insignificant by age, sex or skin color, you heal. You really do.
You have a presence few of us has.
You are a true gift to all creatures who cross your path.
The world needs you.
Thank you life, for Bodhi!”

Malin PousetteBegin Within, Norway

“I hardly knew anything about Bodhi before attending one of his jivamukti classes...But I felt everything... it's true; energy speaks louder than words. His presence and embodiment of spirit alone was electric. Exuding a genuine warmth that instantaneously connected you to him, followed by his beautiful guidance in connecting back to true yourself. He made a big impression. I left the class feeling utterly overwhelmed with love and gratitude for that experience. Whatever the journey was and will be, I am grateful for those moments where we can connected with ourselves and each other. That "oneness" we all share. Love and light to you Bodhi on your special path. Look forward to meeting one day again.”

Bianca BlackbeardYoga teacher, Australia

“Bodhi’s passion for life just pours out of his eyes, heart and his songs! Being around Bodhi is like meeting an old friend that you treasured from childhood… his contagious smile, his radiant energy, his gentle, honest and heart warming words leave you feeling super charged with love. Having spent quality time with him listening to parts of his Butterfly man book, at festivals and retreats around the globe and in his Jivamukti yoga classes I know how rare it is to come across another human with so much joy and compassion in his heart!”

Janie PetersenTantra Teacher, Germany

Watch John McInroy’s Talk at Successness Fest 2017