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Bodhi, born in South Africa and spent most of his childhood years in England, is a true Butterfly Man.


One life, allowed to unfold perfectly into two distinctly different forms, only achieved through the painful process of personal transformation and letting it all happen.


He lived fast. Very fast. He even ran fast! Always on the move, he lived everywhere. For a short while. Never settling in one place for too long. He lived hard.

Blessed with a double dose of good looks, charisma, energy, ambition, creativity and resilience he was like a tidal wave coming at you. His hunger for success, accolades and societal change were manifested in various forms. He was an MBA qualified marketer and social entrepreneur. He founded and led two global social movements and in addition was a professional model and speaker, social activist, author, international sportsperson, team coach and even ultra-endurance athlete.

But there was never grounding. Just sparks firing. All the time. The transformation was inevitable.


It came through his body in the form of burnout, depression and impotence. For the first time in his life, he was being forced into an inner journey to heal and grow. This time into a whole person.
The alchemy of Bodhi’s healing came through the ancient practises of yoga, breath work, meditation and tantra as well as pursuing a plant-based and alcohol-free existence.


He now lives in one place. In Barcelona. Where he walks a few hundred meters to the sea every day as the sun rises to share yoga for anyone who wishes to join. Community and team building has always been a natural product of Bodhi’s life. Only this time he doesn’t have to talk about it. And it’s local. Not attempting to be global. Although his yoga classes on Zoom have people taking part from all over the world. He just shows up every single day. He finally has a home where he lives openly, yet slowly and gently. Around the natural cycles of each day and season.


After becoming a certified 800hr Jivamukti yoga teacher having completely a full time 6 month apprenticeship in Jersey City, NJ, USA with his teacher Austin Sanderson, he is now able to serve his brothers and sisters in a way that makes him feel good and whole.


He lives simply and lightly, and within a small geographical area predominantly moving on foot. Often barefoot. He hugs passionately, laughs loud, and says hi to everyone on the street.

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