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The more we are exposed to nature, the more of our true nature we can uncover in ourselves. We become equipped to deal with the constantly changing world. We start to feel connected to all beings-not separate from or different from each other. With this awareness comes non-violence towards others. Perhaps even the concept of “others” starts to lose its meaning.


There is a beautiful African teaching known as Ubuntu, which can be understood by asking ourselves this question, “how can I be happy, if my happiness causes someone else to be sad?“, or more simply this statement, “I am because you are.

Being physically barefoot provides valuable insight for our journey. It makes us aware of our footprints and the impact they carry. We are born to move on our bare feet across multi-terrains. After decades of moving in shoes and predominantly on flat and hard artificial surfaces, we have naturally become disconnected from the earth and each other. We can’t simply throw away the shoes and go barefoot. We have to patiently “un-learn” and “re-wild” to embark on the messy, imperfect journey home to our natural way of being.


This journey home is called Barefootbeing. There is no better place to experience this than the eclectic, messy and magnificent Barceloneta. Breathing together right by the sea as the sun transforms the sky alongside the seagulls and people from all walks of life can inspire us to tread lightly and help each other to remove the layers of fortification around our hearts so we can truly be ourselves and discover the love and compassion that lies within!

This is not a quick fix. Lasting transformation happens over time and depends on you.


This is your long, beautiful, messy journey home.


Come join us every day as the sun comes up in Barceloneta!

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