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These days, if you are looking for someone to confirm your belief or validate your truth, they are not hard to find. They are all around you. This is how people are gathered and grouped together by algorithms on the internet. It makes sense right? I mean it’s pretty cool to help me find “like-minded” people. It’s incredible to imagine how far technology has come that helps me communicate and connect with people who like the same things as me. 

Just a click of a button and I am surrounded by people who support and like what I like. Epic!

What can possibly be bad about that? 

Your truth becomes more and more solidified, entrenched and “right”, and anything that exists outside of this foreign, even terrifying and the sense of needing to find safety in numbers apparent. 

If I find someone who believes the same as me we can stick together no matter what. That’s what friends are for? That’s what loyalty is, right? If anyone tries to challenge me I will have people that will have words with them, and may even be prepared to escalate this beyond words if necessary to protect our truth and the strength of the group, and me as an individual. I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel like I belong to something. I feel like I am safe. 

The illusion of safety is always more dangerous than the discomfort of change. 

This is the seed I want to plant with you today. 

Please take a look into this yourself. Please share with me your take on this. 

This is mine. For now. 

Without enquiry or necessary awareness this can result in self-imposed imprisonment of the mind and a feeling of being stuck, isolated and separate. This is the foundations of “them and us”. When in reality there is only we, and we ALL have more in common than we think. We just have to open our eyes and our hearts to see this. 

Grouping together with people with the same excuses, same gripes, complaints, how the world or so and so has let us down. There is something quite enticing about aligning with people that make us feel ok about not fulfilling our dream and validating the reasons why we didn’t, and collectively blaming someone or something else for it. Taking responsibility off our own shoulders. It seems there are “rewards” of being victim that keep us there.

One of the many WhatsApps I sent out the moment I touched down in Newark Airport included this image and words such as I AM FROZEN! I must say it was pretty funny though, like a real “Cool Runnings” (if you haven’t seen this film please watch it right away!!) moment where I walked out the airport doors and did a swift U turn and just put all my belongings on and tried to wear my bag like an anorak in a (feeble!) attempt to keep warm!!!

I realized that social media and uber fast and smart messaging services like WhatsApp were enabling me to stay “where I was” and not allow me to progress and evolve and develop my gifts. Fundamentally I used them to connect with people who are not physically where I was and spiritually, emotionally, politically had similar world views to me. Plus to complain! Like I did for the first few days back on the east coast of USA! This kept me anchored to the past and the thinking that comes with it, and made me less available to what I could have been experiencing where I was.

How quickly I respond to WhatsApps will tell you right away “how I am”, what kind of space I am in.

If it’s lightning fast I am sitting at my phone waiting for a miracle to arrive. Not living. When I am offline for days sometimes longer and don’t reply very swiftly or at all this usually means I am fully immersed in life. Diving into my gifts. Hell yes! 

We have to proactively protect the hero inside us. There are weapons of mass distraction everywhere taking us away from our inner epicness and leading us to our small self. The kinda dude who waits for WhatsApps. And messages heaps of people so they keep coming in. Even on the plane on the way back to New York I basically messaged everyone with an NYC next to their name. I didn’t want to feel alone. All I was doing was creating distractions away from the real work. Look in the mirror. You will find it there.

No better example in my life than Nelson Mandela. Who was forced to go inwards and work on himself for 27 years with very little communication with the outside world. His life and light epitomizes this.

1990 South Africa


Out of all the places I could be. Out of all the things I could be doing. I am in Jersey City and New York City. Teaching yoga. If I am constantly immersed in a digital world I will not be available to find out why. Distracting myself in this digital world was a means for me to “stay as I was” and not have to engage in this scary world of change and transformation, challenging my core beliefs and conditioning I have carried with me for so long. 

The illusion of safety is always more dangerous than the discomfort of change. 

Funnily enough yoga is an amazing practice for becoming comfortable in this discomfort and learning to breathe into situations where you would usually retract from and seek the known, like when your world turns upside down. 

I mean who would have thought I would be eating cashew cheese? Not long ago my core beliefs would have laughed at the idea of changing what I ate. And laughed at anyone who did such a thing! 😉

IMG_1107.jpegI have this harmonium case that looks similar to Paddington Bear’s case and the other day friends called me Paddington Bear! And the name I chose and received in India a few years back was Prem (Love) Bodhi (Awareness). Only difference with Paddington and I at the moment is I wear shoes most of the time while he rocks his paws out!

Please get in touch if you like via email or comment below. I am working with up to 6 people at any one time in a (video call) Mentorship capacity. There are a few slots currently available. I am no longer on WhatsApp or any social media platform. This is my only communication channel and it works well. I get less volume but more value interaction. Otherwise see ya when I see ya. Be where you are. You have my full support.

Much love! 



  • Marty Poole says:

    Molo. ndiYeva.

  • bela says:

    Keep Warm! its +13 at midnight here, maybe time for a visit?? 🙂
    Love bela

  • Jim Eshelman says:

    Dude! The search is the path. Keep going! 😉

  • Charmaine Horsburgh says:

    Namaste Bodhi. Good to hear your ‘voice’. We’re off to Rishikesh on Tuesday. No expectations -just going. Feeling the inward pull.
    Much love to you wherever you find yourself.

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      I’m half expecting to run into you in Barcelona or somewhere in the world at the right moment

  • Karen Bradley says:

    Hey Bodhi…. you rock!
    I love your words, your presence, your capacity to be authentically here and now. Byron Bay misses you. I still think of you every time I wear my butterfly T-shirt.
    Stay cool but no frozen toes! 😉 xx

  • Lukas Wießnet says:

    Loving this one! Loving Cashew Cheese! My favorite is having it on vegan waffles with avocado! Mhhhhh!
    I hug you from cold Berlin!

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      I miss you brother from another mother! The waters of Barcelona are waiting for your curly hair!

  • Rick Salmon says:

    My dear Barefoot brother. Thanks for the blog words. Nutrition for my heart. Miss you. Rick

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      Brother! I can’t wait to dive into the cold healing waters of Norway again with you one day! Barcelona is not far! I met two amazing Norwegians here in BCN who come to sunrise yoga every morning! And we dive in the sea and breathe!