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The best way to protect one’s own moral standpoint is to attack someone else’s and find people who will stand with you.

Forget about moral high ground, soon there will literally be no physical land to stand on. Unless we actually change some core behaviors instead of grouping with people who will ensure we don’t have to change. 

I believe we are becoming more like Donald Trump and other leaders like him than we think or may like to admit.

When the proverbial shit hits the fan and accusations and law suits are being filed and flung at him left right and center. What does he do? Instead of addressing core issues and being accountable, he fires his own “missiles” back. The scary thing is that one day it may actually be real ones. If you scratch a little beneath the surface aren’t we all a little bit like Donald Trump?

It seems to me that we all choose our particular moral “high horse” to mount and we engage in warfare against anyone who has crossed the line. The line according to who?

Take a look outside? I am scared to look outside where I am. All I hear is helicopters overhead here in Barcelona. It’s like a war-zone.

I don’t think any of us have a moral leg to stand on. We are part of this world. And it’s messy. We ALL have to change. How about we stop using random trivial matters of morality to make us feel better? And instead of grandstanding, soap boxing, pontificating, instagramming, throwing stones, setting fire to bins we actually attempt to change ourselves.

Inspired by words of a beautiful friend and special teacher Maša Nobilo (if you happen to be in Luxembourg you should check out her offerings)…

If I CAN talk about the difficult thing, I must.

If I CAN help out someone I dislike or disagree with, I must.

If I CAN forgive, I must.

If I CAN be compassionate, I must.

If I CAN cause less harm, I must.

Not every living being CAN. But WE can. YOU can. I CAN.

So we must.

May peace be with you wherever you are.

This is a photo of the place where my sister and mother are currently staying at in Australia. Do these houses and others like them have to completely disappear for us to realise we really have to change?

What do you believe to be the most significant root cause of climate change and unnecessary suffering in the world?

I would love to hear from you and for us to share and accept any feelings we may have on this.

I am currently based in Barcelona teaching at Jivamukti Yoga Center in El Born and Hara Yoga Studio in Gracia. I am also available for a limited number of private one on one sessions (in person or via Skype) and will let you know about upcoming retreat opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are feeling the call to!

Thank you for being.

Umuntu Ngumuntu ngaBantu.

I am because you are. No matter where you are and who you are.




  • Stina Røyrvik says:

    Dear Bodhi! Thank you for your words! Nice to hear from you again 💚 There is one particular thing. I have been thinking about; the flights of the yoga teacher; You know that the many of the best yoga teachers are moving around the world to teach their beautiful yoga🙏But at the same time they are contributing in polluting in the worst way – Airplanes are on top of the list of polluting. Maby we could get used to do more of the Skype sessions with you guys? And / Or seek up the local yoga teacher instead? Limited travels, with. Train instead? It has been on my mind for a while! It’s a bit double messages to pray for the earth and jump in the next plane, the next minute to do the same in another country! Love your enthusiasm! Keep on inspiring! 💚Stina

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      Thank you for sharing Stina. We have to weigh yo all of these things and do our best in the end. Hope to cross paths again

  • Martine Sending says:

    Aaah, we are all a bit like Donald Trump…truth hurts, I like it! Well written, and YES, we all need to change, together! Support each other in what we are able to change, and NOT blame each other for what we aren’t able to change at the moment. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO RETREATS! Sending my love and support! Happiness, Martine

  • Annabel says:

    Dearest Bodhi, your words always speak to me on an energetic level. Great to read your words again and hopefully cross your path again while you are back in Europe. Blessings, love and light 🙏
    Om shaanti shaanti. Annabel x