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Over the course of history various “lawful” distinctions have been made to differentiate or classify humans. According to what?


Despite some people genuinely believing that white people were genuinely more superior to black or any other (and perhaps some still do) i hope anyone reading this article can all agree this is total bullshit.


How can anyone be better or more deserving of life than the other? There is no other!


(We can replace black/ white with many other examples of totally made up and ridiculous claims of superiority based on NOTHING)


These are ALL no more than FICTION. A made up story that over time solidified to such an extent that we began to believe that it may in fact be the natural order of things. There is nothing natural about this.


Thankfully today there are many examples of total bullshit, injustice, blatant inequality that was once “solid” that is now thawing away, and in some instances completely disappearing. We have much to celebrate and be grateful for!


Please share your examples of great positive change in terms of equality that you have witnessed in the comments section below.


There are, however, some invisible chains of bullshit that we continue to let enslave us and others.


Today and almost every day I hear someone say something along the lines of…


“I only consume ethically sourced/ organic meat/ (cow’s) milk / eggs” or “I only consume meat/ (cow’s) milk / eggs when I know the source/ they came from a good home”


This is like saying during Apartheid (“lawful” period of racial segregation and oppression in South Africa) that the pastor of the local Church is a good man and so i can accept him upholding the policies of Apartheid. ”I’m gonna get me some ethically sourced racism?”


The same happens with our parents, because we love and respect our parents, whatever they proclaim to be right must indeed be so.


How about we think for ourselves?


For me, any parent or teacher that enforces rules for us to follow and adhere to, should be relieved of their duty. The best teachers and parents are the ones who equip their children or students to be autonomous, sovereign, free-thinking and empowered individuals who take responsibility for their own lives and choices. Instead of passing the buck on to someone else.


I would love to hear what YOU think about the following 2 items.


1. Cow’s Milk


I don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant but from what I hear/ witness it’s called “in labor” for good reason. And that’s just the final part of a long, painful, emotional, beautiful, precious life-giving journey.


Now imagine then at the end of this process seeing your son ripped away from you (this also happens at organic farms), and the milk you produced for him stolen from you everyday (often with cold metal machinery or even if with a pair of hands with rubber gloves on – have you ever tried pulling on your nipples over and over again until they bleed? If it’s a daughter you perhaps get to see her a little longer to grow up and take over the family business) until 3 months later you are artificially impregnated again (often deeply penetrated with a cold metal object) to go through the same ordeal again. And this is your life over and over again for the next 6 years until the well dries up and you are no longer needed/ surplus to requirements. (A healthy, “wild” cow lifespan about 20 years)


All for a product that is not even good for us, (Click here for further reading) other than making us sick and making some people sick and rich. The supposed “benefits” to human healthy of consuming cow’s milk is another (made up) story we have been fed. But let’s not lose focus.


How would you feel if that was your mother?

Or your nipples?

Or womb?


Ethically sourced cow’s milk? If there were such a thing it would be from mother cow to baby cow!


What do YOU think?


2. Eggs


I remember flying recently and sitting next to someone who said what’s the problem with eggs… “They would go to waste if we didn’t eat them? No harm is done?”


When egg layers are bred (even at the most lovely organic farms), what do you think happens to the boy chickens who are born into this process? Do you think they are the lucky ones who are left to roam around the farm doing what healthy chickens do? Very often they are destroyed almost as soon as they are born. (I won’t even tell you how. Google for yourself if you want to see. Don’t say I didn’t warn you) While their “lucky“ sisters get to lay eggs (that we don’t even need and are not even good for us; further reading click here ) for us their whole life. Every day.


I have never given birth or had a period but I am sure being tricked to do this over and over again is not in any way natural or very nice. Often at the end of a layers career the body is completely emaciated (finished, nothing left inside) so even if they had an amazing pension plan for chickens they wouldn’t be able to live to enjoy it. All for what?


How would you feel about your sister or mother being used like that for the duration of their life?

How would you feel if it were your organs and life?


Ethically sourced eggs? Are you sure about that?


I will never forget my dad telling me that there are certain things in life that are clear cut.


“Boongs (my family nickname) you are either a virgin or not. You can’t be half. There is no in between”


You either support this or not. There is no in between. Organic (and free range blah blah) when it comes to eggs and milk is a wonderful word to alleviate some of our guilt which prevents necessary fundamental change from happening.


One day the youth of tomorrow are going to look back at our era as one of the most barbaric in history. When your kickass vegan grandkid asks you…


“grandpa/ granny, what did you do when the whole world went mad and abused the animals?”


A beautiful human reminded me today so simply and powerfully;


“vote with your dollar or euro or pound”


Thank you for thinking for yourself
Thank you for reminding me to.


Much love for you!


Ps. When we become attached to a certain belief or beliefs passed on by people we really love and trust over many many years and many decades and lifetimes before that even, our first, second, third, fourth, fifth etc reaction to claims like this is to dismiss outright, deny, fight back, reject, feel hurt, cheated, angry.


Why else are we defending the indefensible ?


Remember in 1776 the Declaration of Independence proclaimed the “equality of all men” yet many of those who signed were slaveholders and didn’t see any issue with this. In their view, the rights of men were separate from the rights of Negroes. It’s absurd to think of such people believing themselves to be “fair and just”. They were blinded by their fictional beliefs.


What about (cow’s) milk drinkers and egg consumers believing themselves to be respecting women and their reproductive organs?


What do YOU think?


All is welcome. All I ask is we respect each other and our views.


Suggested film to watch: Carnage by Simon Amstell


Film description:


It’s 2067, the UK is vegan, but older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past. Simon Amstell asks us to forgive them for the horrors of what they swallowed.


  • Chris Rynning says:

    I love this post and could not agree more! I hope this gets spread! Well done! Chris 🙂

  • Iris says:

    Thank you for once again reminding me how important it is to take a stand on this matter and stick to it. It is hard sometimes to be 100% vegan, so reminders like this is well needed. How do you keep your diet vegan when travelling? I’ve been travelling for over a month, and I fint it impossible at times unless I want to go hungry.

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      Totally feel you! It is largely for that reason I wrote the article in an attempt to recommit myself! I sometimes find myself “fitting in” with the flow. When I read what I wrote it feels simple to do and not too much trouble. How are you Iris? Hope to cross paths again!

  • Karen Bradley says:

    Ouch! Yep…straight to the point and VERY right! I recently ( the last 4 months since living on a yacht & constantly travelling) have prided myself by calling myself a ‘flexitarian’. Not wanting to be fixed on labels I decided to start experimenting and eating anything and asking my body what felt ok. Eggs. Occasional dairy like cheese that I’ve not indulged in for years. Meat. Alcahol. (I have to say it’s a real challenge to be vegan when you can only buy food every couple of weeks). I’ve been feeling my body get slower, fatter, sore and confused. I’m now on a vegan cleanse….funny thing that! It’s only for 2 weeks (day 2) and I already feel better. Thanks for the article Bodhi….yep, time to totally rethink!!!!!

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      Thank you so much for sharing so openly and honestly! I really hope to cross paths with you again Karen! Much love to you! Where are you right now ?

  • Alec says:

    Bruuuuuuu! Wonderful to see and hear your heartbeat in your writing. 100% True. My producing partner Shaun Monson has a wonderful quote and it has kept me vegan for coming up on a decade. “Never refuse with your eyes what they must endure with their bodies” I believe that being active in advocacy and compassionately fighting for animal rights keeps the focus on our fellow earthlings and the suffering they endure at the hands of our brothers and sisters in humanity. And when we remember the suffering caused to make a hamburger or chicken sandwich or bacon, is infused into the genetic material of the animal, when consumed, the suffering gets passed on to the human that eats it.. The animals kill us after we’ve killed them. And more every day make the decision to not eat them. Just like an iPhone 1 or 2 or 3 is now obsolete, so too is the notion that we have to eat animals. Upgrade your OS and try plant-based food. More likely your only regret is that you didn’t do it earlier in your life. Big HUG to you Bodhi and hope to see you back in LA soon! Cheers, Alec

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      Alec! You biscuit! I love you man! And miss you ! Barcelona is waiting for you! I know we will meet again one of these days! I hope it is soon! So much love for you, Bobby, Shaun, Chef Ito, Jake all you legends on the West coast!

  • Keenan says:

    What a lovely thought-provoking read. I wasn’t thinking, until now. Thanks for this and other things you fighting for in a world that surely needs to be reminded that following things thaught or which you have grown up with is not necessarily right because the masses are doing it. “What do you think” exactly that, let us start thinking for ourselves. Is what you believe or do, really the right and moral/human thing to do? To be honest, I haven’t clicked on the links you provided, to find more evidence on what you speaking out about. The thought alone scares me. On the topic of the two items above in your post. I do consume them, with a new conscience that has started by reading your post. I now will be thinking of the points you have made. The human race has lots to answer in the years to come. Greetings from South Africa, continue to do what makes you happy my brother.

    • Avatar photo barefootbeing says:

      You are a rare breed of human Keenan! A true gentle man. I’m so happy to be in your life! Thank you for your real care and openness! Much love and respect for you!